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Donald Trump was born on June 14th, 1946 in Queens, New York State of America. He was the fourth child of the five children of Frederick C. and Mary McLeod Trump. His father was a builder and a real estate developer, pioneered in constructing and building middle-income apartments. At He is well established real estate businessman, famous TV personality and currently elected as the 45th President of the United States of America. His life is full of controversies, as he has engaged in multiple marriages and has many children’s.


Trump’s Student Life:

At his young age, Donald Trump was very energetic and aggressive child and was sent to New York Military Academy at the age of 13, hoping of channeling his aggression in a positive manner.  As the result, he proved to be the star athlete and became the student leader at the time he graduated. After having pursued Economics degree from Wharton School he joined the Trump Organization set up by his paternal grandmother dealing with the real estate sector. He ran the ‘Trump Organisation’ for almost forty -five years and now joined the Oval House as the 45th President of the United States of America.


Trump as a Real Estate Mogul:

Trump as a Real Estate Mogul Trump’s father, Frederick C “Fred” started constructing and selling houses for the American Soldiers and their families during World War 2nd.  Donald Trump got his start up from his father’s construction business. In the year 1971, he took the overall control of his father’s construction business, Elizabeth Trump & Son Co., and later he named it as Trump Organization. This period proved to be the golden era for Donald Trump. He made most of his real estate investments in this period all in the New York metropolitan area. He was successful in making hotel chains, casinos which turned out to be a milestone at this period. In the year 2015, Trump’s real estate holdings were worth about US$ 3.5 billion. The headquarters of the Trumps Organization are at Trump Tower, 725 Fifth Avenue, Mid town Manhattan. The Trumps Organization is well established around the world in countries like Scotland, Dubai and owns many business buildings to its name. He even owns seven golf courses in the United States itself.

Trump as a TV Personality and Author:Trump as a TV Personality and Author

Trump has hosted the long-running reality TV show “The Apprentice”. He has hosted the first fourteen seasons of this reality show. In addition, He happens to be an owner of many beauty shows, Miss Universe pageantry, Miss USA etc. from 1996 to 2015. He is also a famous Author ad has written a number of influential books namely Trump: The Art of the Deal, Surviving at the Top, The Art of the Comeback, How to Get Rich and Crippled America.


Trump as President of the United States:

Donald John Trump has been elected as the forty-fifth President of the United States of America. Upon the completion of a hundred days in office, the tasks accomplished by the President came under the scanner of the Press. Donald Trump is a conservative favoring pro-life. It means that he is against abortions and same-sex marriages.  He passed an Executive Order on 27.01.2017 for 120 days to ban the inflow of citizens from Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Iran Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. After a lot of hue and cry from global Muslim population as well as the filing of complaints in the proper forum of Law against the aforesaid Order, a modification came to be effective for a period of ninety days only.Trump as President of the United States

Donald Trump has been showering praise upon the Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his Presidential debates and even after his elections, as a strong leader. Russians made an attempt to hack into the computers of Trump’s opponents. He was their obvious choice. Many a time, the mass media has dwelt in detail upon the question of Trump’s Russian connectivity. But all said and done, Donald John Trump is living up to his reputation of being a celebrity vowed to eradicate Islamic terrorism, off-shoring U.S jobs, blocking illegal immigration, making such trade agreements to reduce the national debt and to make U.S.A great again.

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