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NOTE: The practices we share we with you are simply an example of the many ways that WLC game players can accomplish their daily mobility. These are intended to help you explore both your body’s potential and the vast world of movement.

Dr. Grayson Wickham is a physical therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, and founder of Movement Vault. He is obsessed with anything and everything related to flexibility, mobility, training, increasing performance, decreasing injury risk, and recovery.

Dr. Grayson focuses on a preventative approach. He estimates 90% of the patients/athletes who come in to his clinic with injuries could have avoided these injuries through proactive flexibility and mobility work. This was the catalyst that led him to create Movement Vault.

6 Free Movement Vault Videos: How to Improve Your Mobility

Movement Vault helps users increase their flexibility and mobility, ultimately decreasing injury risk and increasing performance in life and in the gym. The six free Movement Vault videos below give you a sampling of what Dr. Grayson has to offer. These sequences very minimal equipment, but you may want to keep a therapy or lacrosse ball on hand as well as a yoga or padded mat to put on the floor.

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Even though these are labeled by weeks, you can do these videos in any order or fashion you like. Try a different one each day or do the same one for a number of days. Experiment until you find what makes your body feel good and move well.

6 Free Movement Vault Videos (to Get Your Body Moving!)

Click through to try each of these free Movement Vault videos:

  • Movement Vault Mobility Follow-Along: The Hips
  • Movement Vault Mobility Follow-Along: The Shoulders and T-spine
  • Movement Vault Mobility Follow-Along: Full Body Flow #1
  • Movement Vault Mobility Follow-Along: Hips and Ankles
  • Movement Vault Mobility Follow-Along: Full Body Flow #2
  • Movement Vault Mobility Follow-Along: Shoulders, T-spine, and Wrists

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