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As technology advances and new smart devices hit the market, it can be a task just keeping up to date with what’s hot, much less actually using them. Enter Carley Knobloch, who is a self-professed “tech-geek,” graphic and web design wizard, smart technology expert, HGTV guest, and blogger — basically, the kind of cool genius you’d see on an episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley. Chances are if there’s a smartphone app or new gadget you’re considering adding to your toolbelt, Carley has put it through its paces and has the scoop on what actually works.

In this week’s podcast, hear Carley discuss topics that are growing increasingly relevant in today’s digital age — things like privacy, efficiency, and productivity, as well as the importance of slowing down to take a breath and disconnect. Technology can be overwhelming, so Carley reminds listeners that mobile apps and smart home devices should help with managing life while making a meaningful impact, not complicate things further.

Check out Carley’s blog for ways to improve your relationship with the gadgets you rely on, and be sure to interact with her on Instagram and Twitter.

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HopSkipDrive – The kid-friendly ride service that parents can trust.
Evernote – Note taking, simplified for everyday life.
Scannable – An off-shoot of the Evernote app, offering mobile scanning to aid productivity.
HelloSign – The easy eSignature app for smartphones.
1Password – The password hub for all your log-ins in one place.
Dashlane  – Encrypted password managing service.
Sonos – Professional grade wireless speakers for the regular people.
LiftMaster – Garage door solutions.
Savant – Offering affordable and sophisticated tech.
Nest – Smart home solutions, including a thermostat that constantly gauges outdoor conditions.

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